Silver Plan – Second Payment

$416.00 $300.00

Congratulations you have chosen the SILVER PLAN

If you can’t be found on Google or Bing when a potential friend or client can’t find you, they my not come by at all. They might eat at a new restaurant that can be found on “Google Maps” or “Bing Business Maps” Folks want easy directions telling them how to get to you. They want to see reviews about your company. People want to talk to the phone in their hand and have it navigate them to your front door. The Silver Plan is for you have a website that cant be found or your “presence” on the internet looks old or is in fact “old” or “out of date”. For more information on The Silver Plan Click Here


Our Silver Plan Puts You On The Map

Second stage of project is finished. 25% after first stage of site is now due.

Fees to Developer are due and payable on the following schedule: 50% upon signing of contract, 25% after first stage of site is completed and approved and the balance upon page completion, but prior to delivery / uploading. If the total amount of this contract is less than $700, the total amount shall be paid upon signing of contract and any additional costs incurred during development will be invoiced at the completion of the web site.

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