Hosting Plan – Deposit


Congratulations you have chosen the HOSTING PLAN

We know sometimes you just need help. Some folks just need help at the very beginning of a project and then they can take it from there. The Hosting Plan is for you, if you want a WordPress site put up on a server set up and hand it off with a bit of training. This plan is a great way to just get something started and if you decide later to upgrade to The Gold Plan your payments can go towards your payment on The Gold Plan. For more information on The Hosting Plan Click Here


Hosting Plan – A Plan Made To Help.

A minimum deposit of fifty percent (50%) is required to commence work.

Fees to Developer are due and payable on the following schedule: 50% upon signing of contract, 25% after first stage of site is completed and approved and the balance upon page completion, but prior to delivery / uploading. If the total amount of this contract is less than $700, the total amount shall be paid upon signing of contract and any additional costs incurred during development will be invoiced at the completion of the web site.

Please read the Terms and Agreement before using all services offered by

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