3 Hour WordPress Support


Some Sample SUPPORTĀ 

  1. Installatron backups

  2. PayPal for WooCommerce Configuration

  3. C Panel work

  4. Building email accounts
  5. Starting a new domain for Word Press



When you need Help on the backend, you can get it here.

WordPress can get tricky. That’s why we suggest you backup WP every time you make a change. But sometimes it is just to much or you don’t have a backup or you just need some help; we have the key.

Backend Support Includes:

  1. Plugins that have a five four rating installed and configured.
  2. Training on the Dashboard so you can lean and get your problem fixed at the same time.
  3. Work performed on the C Panel.
  4. Plugins that require financial association will need input by you.
  5. We will navigate support requests that can drive you nuts with GoDaddy or Other entities.

All support calls are different and we can only promise our help. We are not responsible for any third party software “plugin” not functioning or breaking your site. We also insist that you have a backup made before we start. We will need to verify the backup on the C Panel Installatron.

This is a three hour support ticket. Time will be kept from point of open ticket to a 3 hour span.

Your Username and Password will need to be provided in order for our team to take on this support.

Please read the Terms and Agreement before using all services offered by MazzyGone.com